Kristina 10

Hello!  My name is Kristina Powers, and I am very pleased to meet you!  I am currently a college student majoring in liberal arts, but my foremost passion is music, especially historically informed Baroque performance.  I have been a musician since kindergarten, starting on violin and later adding classical guitar.  When I came to college, I decided to pick up the recorder due to my love for Baroque music, and I also added voice lessons — both of which I now adore!

Since I love history, HIPP and historical musicology are the perfect fit for me, as they masterfully blend history with music.  Still, although I am an experienced musician, I’m still a novice at HIPP.  However, I’ll admit that I’ve learned quite a bit in both the studio and in private research. I currently have a wonderful pair of mentors who are helping me nurture my passion for HIPP:  My recorder teacher — a veteran who’s been playing for 40 years — and my voice teacher — a musicologist specializing in Baroque music who also serves as my continuo player.  Both have been a big help to me, both in assisting me with my HIPP musicianship and private musicological research.
Despite that I am still a novice at HIPP, I’m most eager to share my passion for historically informed Baroque performance practice/musicology with the world and have thus started my blog. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what is going on in the mind of a budding early music artist, here is your chance to gain that insight!  So, please pardon any errors on my part, and enjoy!